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Katie leverages her experiences as a communications leader within corporate environments, sharp business acumen and creative thinking to provide trusted counsel and support to our communications team. Her team is proactive, responsive and continuously looks for new opportunities and ways to make our communications more effective and impactful. As an extension of our team, Kirkpatrick Group truly is a trusted partner.

Global Director of Corporate Communications, FORTUNE 200 Company

Working with Kirkpatrick Group has allowed us to expand the output of our team resources in an effective and efficient manner. Katie’s proactive, problem-solving nature and intimate knowledge of our business has proven to be invaluable. She has seamlessly integrated into our existing processes and also recommended new opportunities through fresh eyes.

Communications Manager, FORTUNE 200 Company

Katie and her staff are all excellent Communications professionals. They have a wealth of experience in both external and internal communications, and they bring great ideas on how to achieve their client’s goals. From strategies to tactics, Kirkpatrick Group is a great partner for any PR or Communications team.

Communications Manager, Manufacturing and Chemicals Industries

I have worked with Kirkpatrick Group for years and often say that Katie and her team know what I want to say better than I do. Their ability to understand complex situations and communicate them clearly and concisely to audiences at all levels is a true art.

Business Director, Fortune 200 Company

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Frequently asked questions

Where are your clients located?

Mostly east coast including North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Where is your staff located?

We are all 100% remote and located throughout the East Coast and Midwest.

What sets Kirkpatrick Group apart from other PR agencies?

We are nimble, yet mighty. We’re fast and efficient. Because we’ve been on the inside, we “get it,” and we get the job done. Our clients worry less when they work with us.

How are you affiliated with Comma Girl?

In February 2022, Comma Girl rebranded as Kirkpatrick Group. New name. Same excellence.