Stop Managing and Start Leading: Podcast

Kirkpatrick Founder & CEO Katie Regan was recently featured on the up and coming podcast Amazing Teams.  Hosts Doug Dosberg and Una Japunza summarized the conversation into a few key themes:

Transition from Managing to Leading:

  • Shift from project management to leading people for a more impactful leadership style.
  • Focusing on creating an environment that fosters team collaboration and growth.

Effective Communication in Team Decisions:

  • Honesty is the best policy; own up to errors and communicate transparently with the team.
  • Communicate decisions and opportunities in a way that minimizes surprises and fosters understanding.

Trial Periods for New Hires:

  • Three-month trial periods allow both the employer and employee to assess the fit and mitigate risks.

Building Trust and Empowering Team Members:

  • Trust team members with tasks traditionally handled by the leader.
  • Provide training and empowerment to build a more independent and capable team.

Expressing Gratitude:

  • Regularly acknowledging and appreciating team members’ contributions builds a positive and motivated work environment.

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